Python Training in kochi

Python, an open-source data language that was easy to use and cross platform code, is reshaping the future of programming in India. There is no simple or unified way to find the top programming languages. Nevertheless, there are certain unmissable like JavaScript, Python, Java, Swift, C, and C++. India, like elsewhere in the world, has been witnessing rapid growth in the Python ecosystem. Some of the fastest-growing technologies in India include Python, Django, and Pandas. These are growing faster in India than in the US. Grab a real-time working environment with our Python training in Kochi and get ready for future programming.

Python has outranked Java, for the first time, as the second most popular language on GitHub by repository contributors. Since everyone is looking to invest in A.I, Python is witnessing phenomenal growth. The language is growing powerful by the day because it is open source and free - there is the flexibility to use its vast libraries (a collection of functions and methods that allows you to perform many actions without writing any code), modify them, and then give back to the community.

The other side of the programming language growth story in India is driven by mobile app development. India plays a prominent role in Android-based application development. Today developers prefer to use Python for analytics and Julia for scientific applications.


  • Arithmetic Operator
  • Comparison Operator
  • Assignment Operator
  • Bitwise Operator
  • Membership Operator
  • Identity Operator
  • String
  • Number
  • List
  • Dictionary
  • If Statement
  • If else Statement
  • Break & Continue Statement
  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Defining a Function
  • Calling a Function
  • Function Arguements
  • Overview of OOP Terminology
  • Creating Classes
  • Creating Instance Objects
  • Accessing Attributes
  • Built-In Class Attributes
  • Class Inheritance
  • Overriding Methods
  • File Reading
  • File Writing
  • Appending File
  • CSV Reading
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  1. Introduction to Django (Django architecture)
  2. Difference between a MVC and MVT
  3. Difference between a App and a Project and explain
  4. Admin part (How to create Super user in Python)
  5. Model in Django
    • Introduction to models
    • Field Types
    • Meta Options
    • Model Class
    • Executing Queries
    • Queryset Method Reference
    • Introduction to migrations
    • Writing Migrations
    • Queryset Method Reference
  6. View in Django
    • URLConfs
    • View Functions
    • Request / Response objects
    • Class Based Views
  7. Template in Django
    • Django template tags
    • if / else condition
    • if / elif / else condition
    • For loops
    • Using templates to display data in the site
  8. Add static files in Django and features
  9. Add media files in Django and features
  10. Sessions and Cookies
    • Difference between Session and Cookie
    • Creating Sessions and Cookies in Django
  11. Integrating Mysql databases in Django (configuration)
  12. Rest API (Django Rest Framework) and Django rest framework serializer query set
  13. Live Project




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