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1st Floor, Trust building, Kayyath Ln, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala

At Flutter Live Project Internship, we offer a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and exposure to live projects in Flutter, Google's open-source UI toolkit. Our internship program is designed to provide students with practical knowledge and skills in developing mobile applications using Flutter, along with the guidance of our experienced mentors.

Why Choose Flutter Live Project Internship?

Real-World Experience: Our Flutter training in Kochi goes beyond theoretical knowledge by immersing students in real-world projects. You will have the chance to work on live projects, collaborating with our development team and gaining practical insights into the entire app development lifecycle.

Flutter Expertise: Flutter is an emerging technology with immense potential in the mobile app development industry. By participating in our internship program, you will develop a strong foundation in Flutter and learn how to build cross-platform mobile applications efficiently and effectively.

Mentoring and Guidance: We understand the importance of mentorship in shaping future developers. Throughout the internship, our experienced mentors will provide guidance, share industry best practices, and offer constructive feedback to help you grow and enhance your skills.

Networking Opportunities: Joining our Flutter course in Kochi opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. You will have the chance to interact with professionals in the field, establish connections, and gain insights into the industry's trends and demands.

What to Expect During the Live Project

During your internship at Flutter Live Project, you will be assigned to a live project under the supervision of our experienced developers. You will actively contribute to the project, collaborating with the team to implement features, design user interfaces, write clean code, and ensure the app's functionality and performance.

By the end of the internship, you will have a portfolio of real-world Flutter projects that showcase your skills and demonstrate your ability to develop mobile applications using Flutter. Gain practical experience, broaden your knowledge, and set yourself apart in the competitive field of mobile app development. Apply now to secure your spot in our internship program and unlock your potential in Flutter!