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Data science offers a gateway to a world of possibilities. It empowers individuals to leverage the vast amounts of data generated daily, enabling them to make better decisions, solve complex problems, and drive innovation.

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In an era where data drives decisions across industries, the demand for skilled data scientists continues to soar. If you aspire to embark on a rewarding career in data science,iROHUB offers a comprehensive and dynamic training program that stands out as a top choice. Irohub’s data science training program is designed to equip trainees with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving world of data analysis and predictive modeling. The cur riculum covers an extensive range of subjects, such as:

Android Development Course

Fundamentals of Data Science: Students start with a solid foundation in statistics, mathematics, and programming, providing them with the necessary groundwork to tackle complex data-related challenges.

Data Wrangling and Preprocessing: The course delves into data cleaning, transformation, and preparation, ensuring that students can work effectively with messy and unstructured data.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Participants gain hands-on experience with various machine learning algorithms and neural networks, enabling them to build predictive models and make data-driven decisions.

Big Data Technologies: The training includes exposure to big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark, equipping students to handle large datasets efficiently.

Data Visualization: Students learn to communicate insights effectively through data visualization tools like Tableau and Matplotlib, enhancing their ability to convey complex findings to stakeholders.

Real-World Projects: irohub emphasizes practical application, allowing students to work on real-world projects and case studies, ensuring they are job-ready upon completion.

Why Choose iROHUB for Data Science Training?

Expert Faculty: irohub boasts a team of experienced data scientists and industry experts who bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom, providing students with real-world insights and mentorship.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: irohub regularly updates its curriculum to align with the latest trends and technologies in the data science field, ensuring that trainees are equipped with the most relevant skills.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Data science training in Kochi offers a conducive learning environment with access to high-performance computing resources, well-equipped labs, and an extensive library of data science literature.

100% Placement Assistance: irohub has a strong network of industry connections and offers robust placement support, helping students secure internships and job opportunities with leading organizations.

Flexibility and Convenience: We provide flexible training options, including full-time and part-time courses, making it accessible to working professionals and students alike.

Affordable Tuition: Compared to many other institutions, irohub offers competitive fees, ensuring that quality data science education is within reach.

Choosing irohub for your data science training is a strategic decision that can propel your career in this high-demand field. With an updated curriculum, expert faculty, practical projects, and strong placement support, We ensure that you are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the data-driven world. If you are passionate about transforming data into actionable insights and want to be at the forefront of innovation, data science course in Kochi is the ideal choice to start your data science journey.


  • JAVA Concepts(Core Java)
  • Fundamentals of java OOPs Concepts Variables
  • Data Types Object Creation and method Calling
  • Inheritance in detail Method Overloading
  • Overriding Abstract class Interfaces Constructors
  • String StringBuilder and StringBuffer
  • Methods Exception Handling : try,catch,finally,throw and throws Keywords:
  • Static,Final,Super,this
  • Java Machine test and Viva-1
  • A little background about Mobile Technologies
  • Open handset alliance History and Version Android architecture
  • Android Core Building Blocks
  • Android project structure
  • Setup Android Studio AndroidManifest.xml
  • Resource Directories and Gradle Hello Android example
  • Android Emulator Layouts :- Constraint Layout,Relative Layout,Linear Layout
  • Styles.xml Colors.xml (Declaring colors and Drawables)
  • Gradient Drawable resources for shapes and selectors
  • Drawable resources for shapes and selectors
  • Applying themes Custom Font
  • Working with TextView,EditText and Button
  • Image View Check Box and RadioButton Alert Dialog Spinner
  • Adapter AutoComplete
  • Text View Date Picker Time Picker
  • Activity Lifecycle Intent
  • Methods and Services
  • Implicit Intent Explicit Intent
  • Machine test and Viva-2
  • Fragment Concepts
  • Fragment Lifecycle
  • Static Fragment Dynamic Fragment and FrameLayout Machine test
  • Viva-3
  • Option Menu
  • Context
  • Menu Popup
  • Menu
  • Android Service IBinder and Raw Directory
  • Android Start Service
  • Android Bound Service
  • Android Service Life Cycle
  • Android Service Example
  • Content Provider
  • Android AlarmManager
  • PendingIntent
  • PendingIntent Flags
  • BroadcastReceiver Android
  • BroadcastReceiver Example
  • Preference Shared
  • Preferences and editors
  • Shared Preferences from xml
  • File Internal Storage
  • External Storage
  • Creating and Upgrading
  • Database Adding and Retrieving SQLite Data
  • SQLite Spinner
  • SQLite ListView
  • Machine test
  • Viva-4
  • Telephony Manager
  • Making Phone Call
  • Send SMS
  • Send Email
  • Android Drawable
  • class Frame
  • Animation Tween
  • Animation
  • Picasso
  • Recycler View
  • Card View
  • WebService Concept
  • WebService Types: REST and SOAP
  • Introduction to API JSON Parsing AsyncTask
  • WebService Methods:-GET and POST
  • Machine test and Viva-5
  • Android Notification
  • Creating Notification
  • Builder Setting
  • Notification Properties
  • Notification Manager
  • Class Notification
  • Compat.Builder class
  • Google Console Setting Up
  • Map API and SHA-1 Key Adding Map
  • Customizing Map Google Map class
  • Map Fragment
  • Text Input
  • Layout Drawer
  • Layout Bottom
  • Navigation Image Slider
  • Tabbed Activity Navigation View
  • MVC FrameWork
  • Retrofit
  • Firebase
  • Firebase Console
  • Firebase example
  • Implementation of Android Live Projects
  • Oral tests are conducted to check the knowledge of Candidates as a part of the android training to prepare them for Technical rounds in Interviews.
  • On completing the android app development course mock Interviews are conducted to make the candidates more confident to attend Interviews.
  1. What are the benefits of Android internship?

    • The structure of the Android SDK is open-source
    • The Android supports a built-in infrared transmitter
    • Android supports multiple keyboards and makes them smooth to install Interested candidates can enroll our Android course in Kochi that will assist you to become a successful android developer.
  2. How long are the android training?

    • Sem break android internship- 1 week to 1 month Job oriented android Internship- 60 Working Days ( First 2 months 90 % practical class, 3rd-month live project )
  3. What are the Libraries used in android Internship?

    • MVC Architecture
    • Retrofit Library
    • Picasso
  4. Will I get placement assistance after doing an Android training?

    • Sure, we will provide placement assistance with guaranteed 6 interviews.
  5. What type of certificate I get after completing my Android internship?

    • After the completion of the Android training, you can get an intern developer certificate.

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