10 things you need to know about Android 10

Android Q, simply known as Android 10 launched with plenty of features and one of the key factors which are so great is its customization property to the full extent. Android 10 has an innovative approach in making your personal information safe and private. Even the calendar and location included in your privacy settings and Google is giving you added control over which apps can have access to your data. 

Android 10 is also coming with plenty of location control features and better privacy sections from the settings itself. It has a lot of other changes also, which include a dedicated dark mode, a new bubbles notification feature and gesture-based navigation. Here are 10 factors that you must consider while purchasing an Android 10 device.

 1.Privacy Controls

 Newly inbuilt privacy settings can be found under the Permission manager option. You can find a long list for different permission categories in that section along with a list of apps currently having access to those permissions. If there is a segment for apps that have requested access to your calendar, then you can tap on the Calendar option to view those apps that currently have access. You can turn the app's entry on or off with just a tap.

 2.Location Controls

Also, you can choose to share location data with those apps you are using only. There will be reminders from your phone about the apps which are not actively used by you tries to access your location. Thus you can decide whether to continue sharing with those apps.

 3.Dark Theme

It is for the first time that Android is coming with a dark theme. You can set up this eye-catching dark theme for the entire phone or for mostly using apps. This will be cooler for your eyes as well as for the battery of your phone. 

  4.Gesture Navigation

Take the benefit of larger, edge-to-edge screens with the novel gesture steering. With simple swipes, you can go backward, pull up the home screen, and sinuously move between tasks. After switching, you do not want to go back to visible buttons. 

 5.Smart Reply 

These features in addition to suggesting responses for messages received in various apps endorses user actions based on the messages that they have received. So when a user sends a message with a web address or a YouTube video, they can open and navigate the same in Google Maps or open up the video on YouTube without copying the URL.

 6.Sound Amplifier

This special feature allows handlers to adjust sound settings of their smartphones even in-ear piercing surroundings. As per the official Android website, users can boost sound, sieve background noise, and fine-tune the audio of smartphone to get the best listening experience.

 7.Security Updates

Usually, it takes weeks or months for device developers to roll out Android updates into smartphones. This sometimes makes smartphones impotent to critical faults. By introducing Android 10 Google updates will directly come to your phone from Google Play, which is the same way as all other apps in the phone update. So you get these bugs fixed as soon as they are available.

 8.Focus Mode

Google has boosted its commitment to Digital Well-being with Android 10. The newly hurled mobile OS introduced with an innovative Focus Mode that allows users to choose and silent apps that disturb them until they exit this mode. 

9.Family Link

Family Link is now a part of all devices running in Android 10. Parents can use these options to set daily time limits, bedtime, time limits on particular apps, and more restriction options for their kids. They can also view the apps that children install on devices and can view their usage.

10. Live Caption 

The live Caption Facility automatically captions Videos and audio messages without having WiFi or mobile data with a single tap.


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