Android is in demand

Why Android is in Demand?

Nowadays Android Apps are ruling our Technology World, enables users around the globe to engage in more interesting and innovative ways than ever imagined, the job of the mobile app developer has become ever more enriching, fulfilling, and necessary to the modern global technology world. The mobile apps we used daily has the influence to change our lifestyle.

Android – The Undisputed Leader

Android the leader

Android is the indisputable leader of global smartphone market share. This is mainly due to increase in the use of smartphones in Countries like China, India, USA, Brazil and many more.

Android devices have got a tremendous response from the users. One of the most important features of Android is the integration of other Google products and services into the platform. Devices based on Android OS lets user synchronize the Google account with the device thus letting user an easy access to Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps and Google Docs etc.

The scope of Android Developers

scope of android developers

The Android platform is open source making the developer ecosystem dynamic and collectively enriching. Android developers share tips, tricks, and tutorials across the Android community, and since Google helps developers by building tools like Google Play Services for common app tasks like sign-in, authentication, location, and storage, Android developers can focus on building their apps’ core functionality.

Basically, it’s the best time to launch a career in Android development. There’s a healthy supply of jobs, demand for Android apps promises to soar into the future, and the technology including wearable apps and apps for TV is getting a wide good response.

Skills Required For An Android Developer

Android development can be done on a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer. You’ll also need an Android device. Here’s the short list of the must-known skills to become an Android developer.



The most basic building block of Android development is the programming language Java. To be a successful Android developer, you’ll need to be comfortable with Java concepts like loops, lists, variables, and control structures. Java is one of the most popular programming languages used by software developers today even beyond the Android platform.



SQL is also another much-needed skill in order to organize the databases within Android apps. SQL is a language for expressing queries to retrieve information from to databases. Once you can write it, there won’t be any questions you can’t ask for your data.

Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android Studio

android studio

The best part about Android development is the necessary tools are free and easy to obtain. The Android SDK is available via free-of-charge download, as is Android Studio, the officially integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development. Android Studio is the main program with which developers write code and assemble their apps from various packages and libraries. The Android SDK includes sample code, software libraries, handy coding tools, and much more to help you build, test, and debug Android applications.

Another prime highlight of developing Android is the ease of the process of submitting apps. Once you’re ready to submit your app to the Google Play store, register for a Google Play publisher account (which includes paying a $25 fee via Google Wallet), follow Android’s launch checklist, submit through the Google Play Developer Console, wait for Google to approve, and see it appear.



Programmers use XML to describe data. The basics of the XML syntax will be helpful in your journey of Android development in doing tasks like designing user interface (UI) layouts and parsing data feeds from the internet. XML can be done through Android Studio, but you should have the knowledge of the basics of markup language.

Future of Android

future of android

Android’s next version Android P is expected to arrive in a few months. The Google I/O team confirms that they are going to launch a more secure OS are rolling out with the Beta versions as a part of testing in some of the limited smartphone devices. Android P is bringing a lot of visual changes, including the new clock position, revised recent menu, and gesture navigation, that will change the way Android looks and feels going forward. But Google has longer-term plans too. Faster updates to improve security, deeper third-party app integrations, and a more powerful Google Assistant stick out as the key aspects likely to define the OS going forward.

Future of Android Developers in India

Google is giving developers better tools to weave their apps into the main OS experience. The Android developers have very bright and prosperous future ahead of them in the developing software market. The fifty percent of the big companies in India nowadays earning their revenue from the app development and to maintain their apps they regularly required new Android app developers. The top companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm and other depends upon their dynamic Android and other OS apps for the billions of transactions.

The telecommunications companies such as Airtel, Vodafone and Idea cellular depends on the third party app like, Paytm or freecharge for the recharge. Thus they are making their own apps to earn direct profit from it and this is the golden opportunity for the Android or any other OS app developers. The companies always look to hire experienced app developers to maintain the working of the apps. The bright future of Android Developers can be understood from these facts.

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